Dammy Krane End Up behind Bars for Using a Stolen Credit Card


According to EGO- Before now, I didn’t want to get into the alleged rumor about the events that put Nigerian artiste – Dammy Krane into Jail in the early hours of June 2nd at Maimi, Florida U.SA. Even Dammy Krane disputed the events as rumors even when his information was clearly pulled from a Miami crime and arrest database,

However, in the light of the new evidence that I just came across from the Jetliner in question – Tap Jets, I couldn’t help but document this event. On their twitter  page, it was made clear that Dammy Krane booked their commercial Jetliner with fake credit card numbers and that they were going to go to the full extent of the law to prosecute him. Look at their tweet moments ago below:

At the moment, it appears Dammy Krane is out of jail on a bond, but the truth is, this event is certainly not looking good for him.



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