OAP Tushbee Celebrate Daughter as She Clocks one.

 A time when everything was bleak,when the storm was raging and I had lost so much. A time when no one understood my pain and I smiled to the world but no one could see past the mask.
 Then God sent a big surprise to lighten my life. Oh! How happy I was because every minute of that nine month was a blissful ecstasy… My mummy as i fondly call you , you brought so much to my life.
The joy of waking up to your beautiful smiling face is immeasurable.
 In those nine months not a time did you trouble me,you always listened to mama….baby you are a blessing.
 I’m grateful for this one year. The sleepless nights,the fun moments and for every memory made.
You Fenella James is  my bundle of joy and  an answer to my prayer.
  As you clock one today I have a lot in mind to say but  first know that mama loves you so much and will go to the ends of the earth to always make you happy and give you the best life
   Happy birthday my princess
   My Jewel of inestimable value . 
   I love you today,  tomorrow and always.
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