OAP Tushbee Celebrates Widows On Her Birthday


OAP\Event columnist Tushbee who is a humanitarian, founder of Tushbee and the widows , radio presenter with the official radio of Lagos state Eko Fm, Happenings radio and event columnist with Happenings Magazine, has this to say to all the widows in the world as we continue to celebrate them, and as additional new year is added unto her.

There comes a time in the lives of certain persons that you celebrate other people, instead of celebrating yourself. You celebrate people you consider more important than yourself. Today, I am grateful to my creator for his kindness and love towards me. Yes!!! It’s my birthday but I want to celebrate all the widows in the world.

Indeed, it is the joy of every woman to have a companion and enjoy her companionship till old age and not to be a widow at an early stage but you know, life is full with an unexpected events that he gives each an every one of us but how we handle the challenges of life defines how strong we are. Widows are seen as evil women in some part of the world, they are stigmatized, tagged all manner of names and treated with no respect in the society and what not, but today, I am happy that a day has been set aside to celebrate widows specially world wide. A lot of you might think I am a widow.

But sorry to disappoint you, I am a single girl who advocates for the widows to be accepted and treated equally like every other women in the society. Contest elections, hold positions in their various place of work or worship rather than stigmatized them. The government should create a platform where money can be lend to the widows with no interest. I want to assure you that there are people out there who are standing up for you. Who have the platforms to speak your words and share your feelings.

As I celebrate my day in joy and happiness, so, u shall be happy. I love you all and a happy birthday to me.

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