SmartConnect Media Presents #The super star show (The Entertainment Voice of the Web)


it is a visual presented entertainment news highlights, gists, gossips, Top10 Musical chart, celebrity social media analysis, streets entertainment, events, documentaries and alot of features that will bring so much engagement to the audience, the show will be uploaded on youtube and share to other social media channels, like Facebook, twitter, and instagram, the location of the show will be based on the best screen view, it will involve more than one presenter, including the VOX POP anchor, it will have the rolling entertainment news on tap along with reviews on social media trends.
The Superstar show will provide an overview of topical guide toentertainment industry, and promote brands and figures, it is commercially apply to every aspect of entertainment including, music, movie, comedy, fashion,etc.

Mysmartconnect TV will carry out on this project consistently and in the process will immensely contribute in re-energizing strategic entertainment through the voice of the web. We are deeply involved in identifying, targeting, attracting and marketing the needs of entertainment and also source for sponsorship in all sectors of the economy and beyond
the show will play a significant role as a promoter of socialintegration, Entertainment is a powerful tool to strengthen socialties and networks, and to promote ideals of peace, solidarity, non-violence, tolerance and justice. According to the entertainment for Development and Peace International Working Group, entertainment is seen to have the most benefits in:

Individual development
Health promotion and disease prevention
Promotion of gender equality
Social integration and the development of social capital
Peace building and conflict prevention/resolution
Post-disaster/trauma relief and normalization of life
Economic development
Communication and social mobilization.
Entertainment is effective solution for development problems. As a grassroots phenomenon, it is a mirror of society and is just as complex and contradictory. As such, entertainment can also have negative side effects such as violence, corruption, discrimination, hooliganism, nationalism, doping and fraud.

To enable entertainment to unleash its full positive potential, emphasis must be placed on effective monitoring and guiding of entertainment activities.

The positive potential of entertainment does not develop automatically. It requires a professional and socially responsible intervention which is tailored to the respective social and culturalcontext. Successful entertainment for Development work torealize the right of all members of society to participate in entertainment and leisure activities.

AIMs AND OBJECTIVEs OF the Superstar show
• Selling new faces, ideas, skills, brand’s products and services to the outside world
• Placing valuable recognition to the grassroots and Unsigned Artiste
• Expanding the Entertainment Industry via gist, gossips and broadcast
• Providing a sure platform for talents and skills exhibition
• Creating a level play ground for a healthy competition in the Underground Entertainment terrain
• Contributing to the sustainable growth and development of the Nigerian Entertainment Industry by introducing skilled and talented underground and unsigned arts to participate in the mainstream of the Entertainment Industry
• Making Super Stars from the Streets

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