Timaya: Singer completes his multi-million mansion


You’ve got to see the photos from Timaya’s new mansion which will definitely give the chills.

Timaya has got so much taste and we all know that but you’ve got to see the photos of his newly completed multi-million naira mansion.

According to sources close to blogger,  who released the photos of the palatial mansion, the house is a true typical example of style, class and wealth put in one structure.The photos show how Timaya’s style is similar to his fashion taste which high class. The house has a penthouse and also has a very cute living room for Timaya’s pretty daughters.We don’t get to see the interiors of celebrities houses every day and when these photos show up, fans get really excited to see the lifestyle these guys live.

A number of celebrities have in the last couple of months gotten new homes and some of them have invited us into their homes by releasing photos of these awesome houses.

We are happy to see they are doing great.


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